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Thematic sections of the Forum

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The Forum includes large Trade Fair featuring agricultural equipment, products and food as well as other important aspects of rural life.

Business program, which is announced in the framework of the Forum, will meet the demands of specialists in all the fields of agriculture. 

I.Thematic Sections

1. Agrofarm, industrial farms and small private farms

1.1. Agronomy. Crop farming. Plant production. Agro-chemistry.

  • Crop farming on reclaimed land.
  • Irrigated crop farming.
  • Dry land cultivation.
  • Plant growing: melon growing, viticulture, forestry, grassland culture, horticulture, nurseries, fruit growing, field crop growing, beet growing, seed production, tobacco growing, hop-growing, floriculture.
  • Plant growing and agricultural chemistry of cereals, legumes and oil seeds.
  • Plant growing and agricultural chemistry of forage crops.
  • Design and construction.
  • Machinery for crop farming, plant growing and agricultural chemistry.
  • Automation in crop farming, plant growing and agricultural chemistry.
  • Laboratory equipment for crop farming, plant growing and agricultural chemistry.
  • Transport and logistics for crop farming, plant growing and agricultural chemistry.
  • Service for crop farming, plant growing and agricultural chemistry.
  • Reclamation.
  • Greenhouse.

1.2. Mechanization. Agricultural machinery for crop farming.

  • Machinery for seedbed cultivation.
  • Machines for sowing and planting.
  • Equipment for watering and irrigation.
  • Machinery for distribution of fertilizers.
  • Harvesting equipment.
  • Machinery for post-harvesting.
  • Special equipment for the cultivation of certain crops.
  • Agricultural aviation.

1.2.1 Agricultural equipment for animal farming.

  • Forage harvesting machinery.
  • Equipment for feed processing.
  • Equipment for animal care.

1.3. Grain. Grain products. Bakery.

  • Intake, handling, drying and storage of cereals, pulse and oilseeds crops.
  • Processing of cereals, pulse and oilseeds crops.
  • Production of pasta.
  • Bakery.
  • Protection of raw materials and finished products in pasta and bakery production: disinfection, pest control, fumigation.
  • Packaging in pasta and bread production.
  • Transport and logistics in production and handling of pasta and bakery products.
  • Design and construction in pasta and bread production.
  • Fire and explosion safety in procurement, storage and processing of grain, pasta and bread production.
  • Service in procurement, storage and processing of grains, pasta and bread production.

1.4. Animal farming

  • Poultry farming.
  • Pig farming.
  • Cattle farming.
  • Sheep farming.
  • Goat farming.
  • Rabbit farming.
  • Fur farming.
  • Beekeeping.
  • Design and construction. Breeding and genetics. Feeds. Veterinary medicine. Equipment. Automation. Services in animal farming. Transport and logistics.


  • Mixed feeds.
  • Roughage and succulent feeds.
  • Feed Materials.
  • Feed Additives.
  • Transport and logistics in feed production.
  • Design in feed production.
  • Service in production and handling of feeds.

1.6. Veterinary.

  • Veterinary preparations.
  • Equipment for veterinary medicine.
  • Disinfectants.
  • Equipment for cleaning and disinfection, means of personal protection.
  • Service in production and handling of veterinary preparations and disinfectants.

1.7. Aquaculture.

  • Pond fish farming.
  • Industrial fish farming.
  • Recreational aquaculture.
  • Mariculture.
  • Breeding and genetics in commercial fish farming.
  • Equipment and automation in commercial fish farming.
  • Mixed feeds and feed additives for aquaculture.
  • Ichthyopathology in aquaculture.
  • Technology of fish processing.
  • Design and construction in aquaculture.
  • Transport and logistics in aquaculture.
  • Service in aquaculture.

1.8. Rural tourism. Agrotourism.

  • Agrotourism (harvesting).
  • Farm stay.
  • Tourism of practical experience (getting life experience).
  • Gastronomy tours (traditional food and drinks).
  • Sport tourism (walking, horseback riding, cycling).
  • Community ecotourism.
  • Ethnographic tourism (acquaintance with local traditions).
  • Hunting and fishing.
2. Natural recourses management
  • Pollution control.
  • Methods of waste reduction.
  • Recycling and utilization of industrial wastes.
  • Effective ways of using natural resources.
  • Economy of natural resources.
  • Protection of the environment.
3. Processing of Agricultural products
  • Meat processing.
  • Fish processing.
  • Fat & oil processing.
  • Dairy products processing.
  • Flour processing.
  • Starch processing.
  • Sugar processing.
  • Bakery business.
  • Fruit and vegetable processing.
  • Confectionary business.
  • Pasta production.
  • Production of ready-to-eat food.
  • Production of feeds.
4. Regions of Russia
  • Expositions - achievements of Russian regions in village revival and infrastructure development. Regional projects "Russian village".
  • Region day (Krasnodar, Stavropol, Tver, Volgograd, Saratov).
5. Human resources
  • Expositions of agricultural secondary and higher educational institutions.
  • Employment. Involving young people in rural life.
  • Job fair.
6. Transport, communications and logistics
  • Specialized transport.

  • Personal transport.

  • Public transport

  • Postal service. Internet. Radio. TV.

7. Infrastructure
  • Roads.

  • Water facilities.

  • Power supply (gas, electricity, alternative kinds of energy).

  • Shops and markets.

  • Schools, kindergartens.

  • Cultural centers.

  • Hospitals.

  • Medical and obstetric stations.

  • Sport facilities.

8. Financial instruments in rural life
  • Banking sector.

  • Leasing.

  • Microfinancing.

  • Credit cooperation.

9. Farm house
  • Architecture.

  • Construction.

  • Landscape design.

10. Zones
  • Medical Center "Russian village"
  • Sports Centre "Russian village"
  • Cultural Centre "Russian village"
  • "Eco-village and farm food"
  • Russian Bread Cup
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